Evilusions is currently running about 8+ weeks on new orders. We apologize for the inconvenience this can cause, but we are growing our staff as fast as we reasonably can. We appreciate all our customers, and hope everyone can understand. We try to provide the highest quality products we can, at reasonably prices, so our lead times tend to run long. We would hate to have to sacrifice quality, or to raise our prices to be able to provide faster lead times. Please use our contact form or email sales@evilusions.com if you ever have any questions. Also, even though an item says “in stock”, it is not. This classification is the only way to allow an order to be taken for that item. If it were to say “out of stock” you could never add it to your cart. We are working to rectify this. All of your items are hand made, and will require time to produce.

Evilusions offers the following services:

Static and animated set piece and prop production

Affordable high quality pneumatic components

Pneumatic animatronics

2D and 3D CAD services for haunt designs and prop designs

Pneumatic prop movers/ pneumatic animatronic prop frames

Foam filled latex props

Escape Room design and props

Electronic prop controllers

Lighting controllers

Air Cannons

High quality makeup supplies and services

Haunted attraction design, layout, set and prop construction

Leather Costume Accessories

Evilusions and our associates can provide just about anything you need for your Haunted Attraction, Independent film, Theater production, etc.

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